How To Whiten Teeth
Posted on: 2016-12-11, by : Willard Thompson

Teeth get discolored all time, be it from the enamel corrosion, terrible smoking habits or continuous consumption of some drinks like coffee or excessively salted water. If every time you smile or laugh you find yourself feeling self-conscious, then maybe it is time you start thinking about whitening your teeth. The whole whitening procedure is not as time and money consuming as you might think. It could be done by a dentist or even at home with only the most basic of home ingredients and all in a few minutes to an hour maximum.

Teeth whitening products

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Tooth whitening paste removes surface stains from teeth that are tougher for the normal toothpaste to handle. It has silica as an ingredient to help scrub the teeth’s surface for that maximum whitening effect. The best kind of whitening paste to use is the one with blue covarine for it helps the teeth appear whiter. For best results with this kind of toothpaste, use twice every day consistently. You should notice a change in your teeth color within two weeks to four.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has a lot of uses and teeth whitening is one of them. Besides that, it also promotes good and healthy gums and fresh breath. The oil is said to have lauric acid that cleans out the bacteria that causes the yellow color in teeth. You should use as little as a tablespoon or less for about 10-15 minutes circulating it within your mouth, spitting and rinsing it off with some water. Afterward, you can brush with normal toothpaste.

Baking soda paste

fdngcgrezhdxgcfvBaking soda is used in almost all household cleaning and cooking activities that it is hardly a surprise then that it is a teeth whitener. It has certain properties that enable it to not only whiten teeth but combat bad breath, gum disease and mouth ulcers. It removes persistent stains from the teeth that otherwise decolorized them resulting in the whitening effect. For good results, it is advisable to brush using the baking soda at least twice a day.

Strawberry paste

Strawberries have a lot of vitamin C in them that helps battle bacteria in teeth that cause them to turn yellow. In them is an enzyme, malic acid, which removes stains on the surface of the teeth. You are required to crush the strawberries into a paste and apply it to a toothbrush to spread on your teeth. You can also add salt to the mix to help the paste in scrubbing off the bacteria.