Author: Brian Owens

Mistakes to Avoid When Enhancing Your Breasts

Every woman must have known by now that we live in the times when enhancing breasts is seen as a tradition. For this and other reasons, women go the extra mile and even resort to the most dubious methods of making their breasts seem larger than their natural size.

However, this could be highly detrimental to their health, and they must be in the know before things begin to spiral out of control. It’s not a bad thing to want to look and feel good as a woman. How you do it matters a great deal and here are a few of the mistakes that you might learn from.

Ingenuine Products

cosmetic products This has to be the greatest danger that must be avoided at all costs. Most of these breast enhancing products come in the form of creams, pills and even injections. Under no circumstances should any woman stoop to the level of using her breasts as lab rats.

On the contrary, plenty of research must be done regarding this sensitive issue before taking any drastic steps. On the bright side, there are ways of telling whether you are on the safe side or the opposite. Roll up your sleeves and research from the most trusted sources. Afterward, you will have come to a viable conclusion as a woman.

Untrustworthy Sources

Another grave mistake is putting all your hopes in sources that are deemed unfit for your time. It’s a complete waste of time to ramage through the internet for ways of enhancing your breasts from sites that are clearly underdeveloped. Instead, you are better off when you seek advice and findings from people who are knowledgeable about such topics.

Those that have carried out their research and are just as sure about their conclusions. The worst part about such mistakes is that most of them are irreversible and the victims end up suffering for the rest of their lives. On the bright side, such errors can be avoided.

Poor Posture

sitting If you would like your breasts to become bigger, you might want to check on the posture you maintain most of the time. You don’t have to be in the office to watch how well you sit. On the contrary, this should be a mantra you should repeat to yourself every day.

When you’re at the bus stop waiting for the bus or even driving, watch your posture. You might just be dashing what happens to be one of your biggest dreams. They will only come true when you honor yourself as a woman and maintain an upright posture.

Wrong Cup Size

Ladies, please check your cup size again and again if you have to. It’s already bad enough that your breasts are not as big as you want them to be. It’s wrong to buy them without trying them on first just to be sure. Looking at the sizes on it is not enough to convince you that you need to put it on to be sure. You will know it’s the right size when you feel comfortable having it on.…

Common Eye Problems and Their Solutions

One of the most sensitive parts of a human body is the eye. This is because it can easily get affected by many factors ranging from excess light to dust. It is however very difficult for any human being to stay away from most of the things that cause eye problems. It is, therefore, important for everyone to take measures that will always ensure the safety of their eyes.

Most of the eye diseases are painless and do not have early symptoms. It is also difficult for anybody to notice any change in their vision until the disease or eye problem has reached advanced stages. The best way to ensure that you protect your eyes is by seeing an eye specialist regularly and undergoing a regular eye exam. Below are some of the most common eye problems and their solutions.

Lazy eye

Sick eyeThis is one of the most common eye problems which is also known as amblyopia. This occurs when an individual develops lack of vision in one of the eyes which are mostly caused by lack of coordination between the eye and the brain. It is commonly associated with crossed eyes or strabismus which results in the eyes appearing to be looking at two different points and not one.

Its symptoms include; poor vision in one of the eyes, savoring of one eye significantly as well as poor depth perception. Lazy eye can be treated only if early diagnosis is made. Some of the treatment methods include; use of eyeglasses and contact lenses, covering or patching the strong eye as well as surgery when the situation is dire.


This is another prevalent eye problem, which damages the optic nerve. This happens when fluid builds up and creates pressure on the eye thus affecting the nerve. The nerve links information transmission between the brain and the eyes. In the United States, this condition has affected over three million people and is the leading cause of blindness. Glaucoma can be managed by use of eye drops which slows down the production of fluids in the eye thus reducing pressure. In advanced cases, surgery can be used to treat this disorder.

Detachment of the retina

This eye problem occurs when the retina separates from the blood supply and nerves tissues underneath. It is painless but greatly affects the vision of the patient. It can be caused by eye injury, advanced diabetic conditions or even nearsightedness. It is worth noting that this condition is treatable, but if it is not diagnosed immediately, it can lead to vision loss or even blindness. Surgery is one of the best ways of treating retinal detachment.

Color blindness

color blindnessThis condition occurs when one can see colors but cannot be able to differentiate the colors.This condition is mostly genetic and comes about due to the way light-sensitive cells also known as cones respond to various colors. These cells are found in the retina. There is no specific treatment for this condition, but eyeglasses and contact lenses can be used to alleviate the problem.

Bulging eyes

This is another very common eye problem also known as proptosis. It occurs when either one or the two eyes protrude from their eye sockets. This is caused by swelling of muscles, tissues and fat behind the eyes, which leads to exposure of the cornea to air eventually causing drying of the eyes. Bulging of the eyes is usually a symptom of another medical problem. Therefore it is important for the patient to get checked to treat the underlying condition. The temporary solution includes using eye drops and artificial tears to help lubricate the eyes.

These are just but some of the most common eye problems and their immediate solutions. As earlier stated, eyes are a very sensitive part of the human body and any problems should be treated immediately. Having regular eye checks can help one avoid major diseases that can lead to blindness.…

Top 6 products that can help improve vaginal health

Good vaginal health is every woman’s concern. Research studies have shown that nearly all women find themselves struggling with different vaginal issues at some point during their lives. Some of these issues include excessive discharge, yeast & bacterial infections, UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections), thrush, vaginitis, loose vagina, and other conditions. Optimum vaginal health consists of a stable acidic pH level and presence of healthy bacteria in the vagina for preventing infections. There are several foods and products that can help improve vaginal health. These include:


Lemons contain natural acid in high levels. This acid helps in maintaining the right pH levels in the vagina. Consequently, this lowers the likelihood of contracting vaginal conditions especially those that are as a result of bacteria and yeast infections. Additionally, lemon acts as a reliable immune booster that helps the body to prevent and fight bacterial infections. You should drink lemon water at least one or twice every day to restore the right pH balance in the body and particularly in the vagina. For a sweeter taste, add one tablespoon of raw honey to the lemon water.


dhhjd74Garlic is a very efficient food for good vaginal health. This is because it contains antifungal and antimicrobial properties that are uniquely effective in removing vaginal problems like vaginal discharge, UTIs, odor, itching, and burning. Additionally, garlic also enhances the body’s immune system thereby enabling the body to fight off infections easily. For good vaginal health, eat 2-3 raw garlic every day. You can also take garlic capsules but with instructions and guidance from your doctor. If you do not want to eat raw garlic, you can mix it with salads and your dishes.

Natural yogurt and probiotics

Probiotics are very reliable in maintaining a stable pH as well as increasing acidity levels in the vagina. These food nutrients, also commonly known as good/beneficial bacteria help in keeping the gut healthy thereby supporting the whole body’s health and well-being. The best sources of probiotics are fermented foods such as Greek yogurt (natural yogurt) and kefir among others. Avoid taking flavored and sugary yogurts as these have little impact on your vaginal health. Instead, take those that contain live & active cultures as they are very rich in probiotics.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is popular for its benefits on the bladder. The juice prevents and removes urinary tract infections’ symptoms. This is because the juice acidifies the urine and enhances the vaginal area’s pH. As such, it readily kills germs and bacteria that affect the urinary tract and the vaginal area. The most fascinating aspect of the acidic compounds in this juice is that they do not get broken down in the digestive system. Therefore, they remain unchanged throughout the digestion cycle.

Tightening cream

hjdjhd74Another great product that you can use to improve your vaginal health is a tightening cream. You just have to make sure that you are getting the best brand. You can read what they had to say here about the most popular vaginal tightening cream. Also, it would be good if you take a look at the information on how to instantly tighten your lady part. This way, you would know exactly what to do.

If vaginal health is your top priority, then you should increase your intake of foods and products that can help improve vaginal health. Avoid foods that interfere with the pH of the vaginal area. These are foods such as those that contain too much sugar, alcohols, and wheat. This is because the germs and bacteria that affect the vaginal area thrive better in the presence of sugar.…