Heartburn Remedies

It is common for anyone to experience a burning sensation in their guts once in a while. Heartburns are caused by an acid reflux though you may have a reflux without it necessarily turning into heartburn. There are many over the counter drugs available currently that can help with the problem, but an adjustment to one’s lifestyle is also necessary when it comes to dealing with the menace of heartburns.

How to deal with heartburns

Baking soda

This is one very common ingredient in most households with many uses attached to it. Baking soda is also recommended when it comes to the problem of acid reflux. Given that it is a base with a higher pH than acids, it can neutralize the acidity of food in the gullet hence reducing the burning sensation. All you need is a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water but avoid drinking too much of it in a day.

Aloe juice

Known for its ability to soothe burns and also ease the pain of inflammations, aloe juice is one known to be an essential home remedy. In the same breath, aloe juice is a good way of relieving heartburns. With its anti-inflammatory ability, taking a glass of aloe juice before meals can reduce inflammation caused by the excess acid presence in the gullet. It is, however, advisable to consider which form of aloe you purchase since it is also a laxative.

Chewing gum

gfhtrjgbhjjjtrgfhSaliva produced by the salivary glands is a way of the body to reduce the burning sensation caused by heartburns as it can flush down the acid from food components. However, at times your glands may not be able to produce enough saliva to do the job. It is for that reason that people suffering from acid reflux are advised to chew gum after meals. With enough stimulation, the salivary glands produce a large amount of saliva that dilutes acid found in the esophagus.

Lying down

Every doctor recommends that you should have your meals three to four hours before going to sleep. This ensures that digestion is already complete and there is no risk of undigested food going up the gut from the stomach. Heart burns always worsen during the night as you go to sleep. When lying down, gravity tends to work against you causing digested food to move up the system. It becomes necessary therefore to elevate the head some inches when sleeping to avoid heartburn.