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The Housing Authority of the City of Livermore is a non-profit government entity created by a resolution passed by the City Council on the 26th day of  January, 1955. Our main goal is to provide and maintain , safe quality housing in a cost effective manner. By partnering with individuals and organizations, we offer rental assistance and other related services to enable residents to become self sufficient and improve their quality of life.  We shall serve our clients and all citizens with the highest level of professionalism, compassion and respect.

Currently, we maintain the following programs:

Public Housing - Leahy Square - 125 Units

Built in 1974 with funds provided by HUD. Rentals are based on 30% of the tenant's income. Livermore Housing Authority (LHA) is responsible for management and maintenance of the property.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher - 719 Vouchers

LHA  contracts with private landlords to provide rental as well as administers the program - making rental payments to landlord, performing annual inspections, and conducting tenant income reexaminations.  Owners/landlords are responsible for screening the tenant and ensuring that the unit meets Housing Quality Standards (safe, decent and sanitary). The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funds payment to landlords and the administrative fee to the Public Housing Authority.

Section 8 Project Based Program

LHA utilizes the Project Based Assistance Program for existing units. Section 8 assistance stays with the unit under this program. Project Based operates as the Housing Choice Voucher Program except Section 8 assistance stays with the unit under this program. Vacancy payments are available to Owner/Landlords and they can make tenant referrals.

Self Sufficiency Program

Section 8 Program participants may choose to enroll in this program. Part of their rental payment is placed in an escrow account . Participants must work of register in a  training or school program. 

Homeowenrship Program

Eligible Section 8 participants who are first time homeowners are allowed to use their Section 8 rental subsidy to meet their monthly homeownership expenses (i.e. mortgage, utilities, etc)

Affordable Housing

BlueBell Apartments
18 Units are Market Rate and 9 Units are affordable housing.

Chestnut Apartments
6 Units 2 Bedroom Apartments at market rate

Las Posadas Apartments
9 Units 3 Bedroom Apartments at market rate


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